Our professional photo studio that will make you feel like home

Our photo studio tour will give you a clear image of what to expect when you get there.

I present you our photo studio tour

FIRSTLY The private room aka the guest room

A beautifully designed room with amazing natural light at our studio. The photos have an appearance of you being at your own home in your own bedroom. We always want my studio to feel like home making you comfortable. It makes our studio a safe place so you can give me real expressions. Thus, making our photos look more natural. This private room that can also be used for feeding your baby and changing cloths.

Contact Us - Edita photography maternity photo studio tour
A bedroom with a window that brings a lot of light. It also has high curtains making the room look bigger.
Edita photography maternity and baby photo studio tour
A beautiful wall artwork by timeless creazion.

For timeless creazion’s Instagram click here.

Edita photography baby and children photoshoot
A mirror is added in front of the arm chair so you can take beautiful mirror selfies.
Contact Us - Edita photography newborn photo studio tour
Addition decorations are there to make a little cherry on top fro when you take selfie.
A table with our sample albums can show you the kind of albums we have available.

Curious to see some lifestyle photos? You can find few samples here.

secondly Our STORAGE room

This room is mostly used for storing the many props that we own. Having this room is a big plus point as we can organize all our props properly.

Contact Us - Edita photography maternity and baby photo studio
A two door closed cupboard don’t only we use to keep our furs but also outfits for the little ones.
Props for baby photoshoot in Pune
The insides of the closet.
Newborn baby photo props arrangement in Pune
Here in plastic boxes we store woolen wraps and some more cloths for the little ones. Closed boxes keep insects as well as dust away.
Beside you can see the many wooden props that we have.

Our favorite prop makers:

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