Maternity Photo Session

There is nothing more so beautiful, fulfilling and admiring like the feeling of bearing your Baby. Pregnancy is an extraordinary transformation of body and storm of emotions, from happiness and worries, courage and fear, strength and weakness, but the most – endless Beauty. It is the time for you to admire every single curve, extra layer, fallen hair or even swollen feet, something only a pregnant woman can understand, hardly explain, and transition to that beautiful new development inside her. And it is amazing! Worth capturing!

The best time to depict the shine of Maternity is 28th -34th week.  Some might think it would be too late or difficult with the due date approaching, but it is the best time to click the magical change and catch the World of the Baby.

Maternity Photo Session has dedicated time from 1.5 to 4.5 hours, based on your chosen package and  health, and can be clicked indoors or outside, in the beautiful garden or close by Pashan lake. During the session, you will be given plenty of time to change, take a break or deal with those natural moments of sudden cramps, mood swings or simple “cannot do” phases.

Daddy and children (if any) are well included into the clicks and comfort of mommy. You also have the option to pre-book make-up artist, use designer gowns, and enjoy privacy in the dedicated room. In case of outdoor shooting, the foldable tent would replace the room to assure the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, 28-34 week of your pregnancy is the best time. However, if your tummy is visible well, photo session can be done earlier. I do not advise bookings after 36 week, although it is still possible in rare cases, bearing in mind your health.

Exclusive designer maternity gowns will be provided for the purpose of the shoot. We also specialize in fine art motherhood photos with fabric tossing. I would also recommend to plan session well in advance and rent designer outfits from Yulia Soloveva Collection.

A professional make up artist can be provided to do make up and hair styling at studio. This takes 1-1.5 hours and is done prior to the photo session.

Please follow our Tips&Hints section for thorough insights. It gives detailed explanation, about clothes, hair, nails et cetera.

At least one month prior preferred date.

Our packages are starting from Rs 28 000. Detailed information you can find here.

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