Maternity Photo Shoot

maternity photo shoot in pune

Maternity photo shoots of gracious pregnant women during their 8th month. A glimpse of “two beautiful lives under one skin”.

Discover the radiant beauty of pregnancy through our maternity photo shoot services. This joyous period is an exciting journey, carrying a precious soul within. Despite the occasional discomforts like cramps and bloating, every moment is dedicated to the child within you. As a passionate photographer, my goal is to capture this unique beauty, preserving it as timeless memories.

Optimal for maternity photo sessions, the 7th-8th month captures the essence of this transformative experience. We prioritize health and other factors when scheduling your session. Trust us to document your journey with artistic precision. Book your maternity photo session today to celebrate and cherish this extraordinary chapter.

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Elegant and gorgeous maternity dresses by Yulia Soloveva Collection.

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