Newborn Photo Shoot

Newborn photo shoot in pune

Divine moments of Newborn baby photo shoot in Pune! Innocence, tranquility and eternity in one tiny face of Newborn (5-12 days).

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15 days baby photography in Pune by Edita
26 Oct: 15 days baby photography

Ideal age for newborn photography is 5-12 days, but this baby boy was amazing at 15 days also! More newborn…

Mother and baby on bed, contactless covid-19 baby photography in Pune
17 Sep: Lifestyle newborn photoshoots

Lifestyle newborn photoshoots are entirely contactless. It is the ideal option during these covid-19 times. We have a beautifully designed…

Newborn baby girl in brown wool by Edita photography best photographer in Pune
10 Jul: Baby’s milestone photo shoot – newborn session

Raabhya’s lovely photo shoot Baby’s mother Rachana wanted to have a milestone photo shoot for her lovely baby girl. I…

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