How to create inspiring photos for newborn boys

Here are some inspiring photos of newborn baby boys. I really hope they can you an idea on what you can do. Hope you guys like them.

photos in white for newborn baby boys

inspiring photos for baby boys. white on white newborn photos.

White on white newborn photos are so innocent.

Baby boy in white bowl photoshoot india pune

All white setup looks so decent and timeless.

inspiring photos for baby boys. white and green newborn setup

For example, you can use white with a bit of green in wooden bowl.

baby boy in white wrap posed in wooden bowl placed on macrame

setups that contain a lot of grey

Newborn baby boy in white wrap on grey flokati

Neutral simple and yet so mesmerizing photo of baby boy with kitten soft toy.

Newborn baby boys in grey wrap on the back an Indian baby

You can simply wrap baby boy in grey or other neutral color wrap and then pose him on beanbag.

Red wrap on grey background looks outstanding.

Baby boy in grey on white tiny bed with mini toy

Baby in tiny outfit and with mini toy looks so cute on small bed.

Grey is my all time favorite color for newborn photo shoots.

inspiring photos with a lot of brown for newborn baby boys

Brown and grey earth tones on rustic moon make timeless photos.

Earth colors are very good choice for boys.

Inspiring newborn photos in heart shaped bowl with brown background and white wrap

Bigger hear shape bowl has plenty of space, so you can add more props around baby.

baby boys in heart shape bowl holding biscuit backlit photo

You can put the baby boy in a heart shaped bowl in addition to a colored wrap around the baby. I chose a blue color wrap as it went together with the layer under the bowl. This time I added some woolen cookies to make the baby boy look like a little squirrel eating snacks.

baby boy in red wrap that's in a brown basket

Newborn baby boy in red wrap that’s in a brown bamboo basket.

Inspiring baby boys photos in basket with guitar

Red and brown look very good for boys, we can use basket and small soft toys like guitar or other.

Again brown and red, but this time in heart shaped bowl.

beautiful green setups for newborn baby boys

Newborn baby boy photoshoot in green and white

Newborn Baby in green wrap placed in a white circular basket on a chair.

inspiring baby boys newborn photos in bed with white wrap on green background

Green, white and red can be used for newborns not only for Christmas setups.

Baby boy close up photos collage

Newborn baby’s close ups collage is all time parents favorite one!

Green wrap, hat and few green props give beautiful look on brown background.

We always can photograph newborn babies against the light source to bring clean and outstanding look.

Different angles give very different look of newborn baby.

Newborn baby boy in heart shape basket photo shoot in Pune

calming blue setups for boys

Newborn baby boys in white wrap on the moon prop and blue background with clouds

Newborn baby boy on the moon in the middle of the sky.

If newborn baby is awake and happy I always capture close up photo.

All parents love awake baby’s expressions!

inspiring photos for baby boys. newborn holding blue terry bear in blue wrap.

Newborn baby boys look handsome in dark blue, however girl are also so pretty in this color 🙂

Awake newborn baby boy looking straight to the camera

siblings love in newborn photos

Siblings photo in Pune, newborn baby boy with elder sister
Big sister with her newborn brother photo

Black and white Newborn baby boy photos

Crying newborn baby photo in Pune

Without clothes and with long hat – so cute!

Black and white newborn baby boy macro photos collage
Tiny bits of newborn boy in black and white

Black and white close up photos collage shows baby’s features better than colors one.

More information about newborn photo sessions here.

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