23 days newborn boy at a photoshoot

We believe the best time to do a newborn photoshoot is 5 to 12 but this baby was an angel. During photoshoots there are also some accident like them pooping or peeing but its something our team is experienced in. Thus, causing no issues. Here below you can see the finished photos of a photoshoot we did of a 23 days newborn boy. We love doing photography of newborn. The newborns that we have worked with are very delicate and require a lot of patience.

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Mom and newborn son in white aerial shoot during 23 days newborn boy photoshoot
Beautiful Mom with her 23 days newborn boy
Maternity photo shoot in Pune. 23 days newborn boy photography
Newborn boy with family backlit photo. 23 days newborn boy
Newborn boy in bamboo basket photoshoot in Pune
Newborn baby posed on tiny bed prop
Newborn baby posed in bucket in brown colors
23 days neborn baby with soft toy - kitten
Newborn cute boy bean bag photography in Pune
Handsome newborn baby wrapped in grey wool
Newborn bean bag posing side pose
Newborn baby in blue posed in wooden bowl
Smiling newborn baby in navy blue
Newborn baby boy giving the camera a mischievous smirk. In a similar set up as the one above
Mother wrapped in fabric with newborn baby
Baby along with his mother wrap in a fabric made to look like a dress. This picutre is black and white unlike the ones above it.
Silhouette newborn baby with parents
A Silhouette photo taken by placing the light behind the couple while they are holding their newborn baby boy
Newborn baby black and white photo with hat
Bum up pose on bean bag black and white
Black and white newborn photo
Father shirtless with newborn baby boy photo
Dad and newborn baby nose to nose pose
Mummy and baby boy photo shoot
Mother of baby laying on the background while clsing her eyes and h
Mother and newborn baby boy photo
A mother holding her newborn son
Neutral grey tones newborn baby photoshoot in Pune
A collage with the best photos during the photoshoot. These photos were liked by both the photographer and our client.

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