Baby Photo Session

After the first 2 months, your tiny little bundle of joy is not a snoozer anymore. He/She enters the new phase in life of supersonic growth, physical and intellectual development and graduates from a newborn into infant stage.

The Baby Photo session during initial 3-5 months of an infant is a lot more exciting, fun and challenging.  In this time he/she stops sleeping so much, learns to focus, follow and make different mimics, thus, giving more space to bring in my creativity, experience and hidden tricks.

The session of Baby photo shoot lasts from 1.5 to 5 hours, depending on your chosen portfolio and Baby’s co-operation. Main focus during the shoot is on the language of expressions written all over Baby’s face: zooming and squinting the eyes, stretching the eyebrows, quivering the chin, chewing on fingers, cooing  the tongue, curving the dimples. Great time and attention is given to capture the moments of moves: rocking on tummy, waiving with hands, reaching the objects, attempting to sit or “slide”.

Bearing in mind the speedy development of the brain, I set eye catching environment, use variety of international props and toys, high quality colors and back-drops as well as incorporate personal toys of attachment. Photos made during this session are full of emotions of a curious, amazed, surprised, naughty and of course – happy Baby.

Like always, I put huge efforts on assuring the safety of the Baby, that he/she is always watched, taken care of and soothed. Extra room just inside the studio is dedicated solely for your and baby’s comfort and is welcome to be used during the ‘brown code” moments or simple rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best time is 3-5 months of his age.

Yes, you can choose several designer outfits and changes depending on the chosen package.

Yes, all our outfits come with matching diaper covers. In case you are bringing your clothes, try to match diapers accordingly.

Yes, you can use comfort of dedicated room for private moments like feeding and changing. Do carry required feeding bottles and formulas along.

Please read our Tips&Hints carefully for grooming details for the Baby, Mother and Father.

Packages are designed exclusively for Baby, Siblings and Parents. Any other people can be included with prior discussion and extra charges.

Kindly discuss his condition prior photo shoot and possible rescheduling. Your baby’s health is our first priority.

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