Newborn Photo Session

Your Baby is a magical, undeniable cradle of Life – the purest form of beginning and proof that life must go on. He/She is the finest form of development, most creative piece of art and extraordinary reflection of unknown potential. So mesmerizing, extremely personal, warm and worth capturing.

This purity and simplicity is the main focus of my Newborn photo session, and is best to click during initial 2 (not later than 4) weeks. In this time, your Baby snoozes most of the day, happily tuned into quiet alert zone. One moment he/she curls into natural poses, the next – surprises with spontaneous, almost reflexive smile, deep, intensive look and equal movements of his/her arms and legs.

Newborn photo session of 1.5 to 5 hours, therefore, is meant for me, the photographer, to capture every angle, emotion, and gesture of the baby. It is all about your little human, putting the main focus on his huge in-depth eyes, purity of skin, tiny fingers, eyelashes whilst and more to bring out all the emotions. The photos made are candid, adorable and full of life. The ones to melt your heart and cherish for a lifetime.

In order to achieve it all, I will use ample of international props, the highest quality single made cloths, pillows, blankets, mini furniture pieces,  toys, rattles, carefully picked backdrops and lens an bring the best elements of creativity, edge- to-edge sharpness, and most important – beauty of your baby.

I strongly believe in baby’s fragility and comfort, therefore offer dedicated room for the rest, feeding and soothing breaks. I do not use any harmful props or hanging elements, low quality materials, noisy lens or harsh lights whatsoever. I praise natural beauty of newborn, and strive to use light, pastel colors not to overshadow the same.

 Tiptoe through most quiet moments of angels here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ideal time for newborn photo session is 5-12 days after his birth, but not later than 4 weeks of age.

Newborn photo session lasts around 2 to 4 hours, however it depends on baby’s co-operation and mood.

We have carefully selected collection of Indian and International props as well as collection of unique designer made baby outfits. Please note that baby outfits can be used with specific package only.

The photo shoot takes place in our photo  studio in  Bavdhan, which has dedicated room for your and baby’s privacy as well as everything at a hand’s reach for perfect photo shoot. Travelling to client’s home is possible on a rare occasions for extra charges.

We have only one photo shoot a day and keep one day’s gap between photo shoot to have enough time to clean and disinfect complete studio, props, baby clothes and equipment. I am also certified at handling small babies, which are never left unattended, being hanged or left without support. All such appearing affects is art of Photoshop.

In this case you should choose baby photo session and book it for the age of 3 to 5 months.

In such case, we should firstly look at the condition and health of the newborn baby and postpone the session if required. Otherwise, the previous due date can be kept.

Yes, it is perfectly safe, since we are professionally trained and assure the best quality of props, mostly organic clothes, baby safe lights and more over offer extra room to comfort and feed the baby. Mom is also welcome to have her short breaks and use snacks offered in our studio. It is also the best time because baby sleeps a lot, which is perfect to various undisturbed clicks.

You are welcome to take your time in dedicated room, comfort, feed, change the baby and resume the session once he feels good or is asleep.

Depends on the health and condition of mother. The session can be done as early as 6 days of age after being discharge from the hospital or any time between mentioned 5-12 days. Not later than 4th week after the birth.

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