My artistic atelier is just a stone’s throw from our home, located in a lush greenery of Bavdhan, Pune suburbs. It is thus, more warm and cozy than just being professional, fully equipped photo space. In the carefully planned and personally designed atmosphere, I strive to ensure comfort, safety, peace and privacy of all parents and children and spend most of my time clicking magical maternity (pregnancy), newborn, baby, toddler and child photo shoots.

Keeping in mind that some of the sessions last longer, I selected the space, featuring 2 rooms, one of which is solely dedicated to parent’s for their short breaks, feeding the baby or changing the clothes. The rest of the space is planned for various clicks and has plenty of natural light, storage corners, collection of props and required equipment of backdrops, lenses as well as connectivity to guarantee the quality look. What I love most – is the view of beautiful garden and the short distance to Pashan lake, which allows for my sessions to be taken outdoors.

I am the only international photographer in Pune, who exceptionally focuses on maternity and baby photography and pays utmost attention to Baby’s comfort and safety. I love to click Baby in 100% save studio lighting and use 2 diffuser layers in huge soft-box to protect his/her sensitive eyes, silent cameras and soothing baby sounds to save the sleep, never leave him/her unattended or in no circumstances try to lift or hang him/her with any kind of props. I carefully search for highest quality cloths (100% cotton, woolen, handmade, organic and soft), sturdy pieces of mostly international props as well as incorporate my in-depth baby handling knowledge gained through various workshops (by Kelly Brown, Erind Elizabeth, Amy Macdaniel and more). My support member is perfectly trained for the same.

When it comes to creativity, I am inspired by natural surroundings and try to bring in the colors, backdrops, materials, furniture and ambience, reflecting the same. Using pastel colors in the backdrops and props is yet one more feature – I love to focus my lens on people and not to overshadow them with rainbows behind. Therefore, you will find my photos more candid, deep and vintage like with solo pieces of wooden barrels, mini baby cribs, swing chairs, rustic rugs, pottery and flower fences.

What is more, I work hand in hand with all parents, assuring their comfort of communication, attention to details and creative production. Based on that, I personally design the ambience of chosen package, click all the photos and edit it post the shoots.

Thinking of parents’ time and comfort, I constantly update variety of designer made gowns, baby clothes and pre-book make-up artist for the convenience of moms.

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