Toddler Photo Session

Here is your child “toddling” through his 12-36th month. He is extremely curious, vibrant, emotional and at times challenging to run after. His cognitive and emotional senses are well developed to keep you up on the toes, tight on your ears and sharp on your sight!

In terms of photography, toddlers are simply notoriously hard to catch up with or make sit in one place and photo shoots would be in motion more or less all of the time. Here is the time when I will ask you, dear parents, piece of advice prior the photo shoot and discuss in details all likes and dislikes in order to set nearly perfect conditions for clicks.

The Toddler Photo Session of 1.5 to 5 hours, will be full of sits, runs, crawls, jumps, rocks, swings and fast breathing in order to keep up with your child. Amazing cardio and wonderful weight loss program! Challenge for us all to catch those expressive moments of your mini stud. Let us relax here: accept it and uncover quite a few tricks from the pocket to negotiate with your tot.

I will open my secret box of props and get those cute old fashioned stools, adorable rocking horses (who does not want to sit on them?), stumps and benches, swings, bunny band, crayons, milky baths or cooking session and most of all play  copy cat games to capture funny, adorable poses your child gives. After all, he looks best in his natural way and this session is all about making your child to bring it on!

Toddle with us through some amazing moments of this age!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any child between 12 to 36 months of age can be booked for Toddler photo shoot.

In this case it is better to wait until he starts walking in order to capture your Tod on the move. Any later age until 36 months is fine for the photo shoot.

Almost any photo session, except for newborn, can be partially or fully done outside in our garden or places near by where photography is allowed.

Yes, it is, but only in Pune and only with prior booking and for extra charges.

No, siblings can go along in various clicks, unless you want personal photo shoots for each one of them.

For Toddler Photo Session specifically, set ups are very difficult, since kids of this age are usually on the move. Although we try our best, this kind of session is more natural, representing their energy and fast pace.

Yes, you need to pay attention to your looks like clothes, hair, nails et cetera. Please follow our Tips&Hints for exact details.

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