Good to know

Whoopee, you are just about to freeze the amazing memory lane! Ain’t that great?! Tons of Yes, tons of Hails!

With the date of your photo shoot approaching, I bet you feel both, thrilled and worried: oh, we moms, tend to think quite a bit about every single drop to make sure the cup is just enough filled! And that is why I am here, sending just a tiny bit of honey help for your great clicks.

The perfect Baby Bear look

I am sure you think babies are born naturally awesome and put up that stunning look by simply wearing one of their divine expressions?! Great, I agree with you. So, here are some hints to bring the best of it:

  1. Give a lovely bubble (or other) bath to your mini muffin on the day of photo shoot. Chick check if he is neatly clean, dry and happy after it. Avoid applying powder, oil to his skin and hair or putting kajal on his eyes – I am sure he is already looking great and will bring enough of shine to the clicks. More-over, babies are gifted with amazing eyelashes one could be jealous of! Let us keep him oil, powder and kajal free for that day and make sure it does not affect the quality of photos;
  2. We all believe our babies are born lions, but let us keep nails for that day short and clean;
  3. Your cutie-pie might suddenly turn into a little hungry caterpillar and need a quick milky recharge. In spite of the natural motherly supply, I strongly advice to carry extra bottle of formula in case your baby feels more hungry than usual;
  4. Talking about dresses, it is best to wear comfy baby rompers or dungarees in neutral pastel colors. You may bring couple of ironed outfits (party or casual) on hangers along with you or simply choose some of the great pieces I have carefully picked from designer’s hands. In case it is a baby girl wearing a dress, try to match her diaper cover too in order to avoid it peeping out in the pictures;
  5. It is great to select plain colors without any harsh prints or logos. It might look good during casual days, but it is definitely a culprit guy when it comes to photos;
  6. It is also advisable to remove any black threads/spots (nazaria) right before coming to the studio in case you do not want it to be featured in the photos;
  7. Now this tip is super important to the newborn session. It might sound a little tricky, but we must work it out. Try your best to give the baby good sleep during the night before your photo shoot, and keep him awake while travelling to the studio. By doing so, you will have him quite tired and sleepy, helping to bring those great cuddly moments in much more short and efficient time.
  8. And of course – pack along his friendly pacifier which we can use during “alarm” moments!!

The perfect Mama Bear look

I simply adore the flowering beauty of mothers complemented by simple touch of the baby! And hail you for willing to capture it all! Here are some tips, helping to grasp it even better:

  1. Try to sleep well – I know it is that tricky part again! – and feel well rested before photo shoot. It might sound feministic, but in this case it is totally fine to use your hubby as baby sitter for the sake of great clicks 😉
  2. After, hopefully, a sound sleep, enjoy some wonderful bath and wash your beautiful curls well! Avoid oiling, creaming or using any other grease based ingredients during photo shoot day. Your hair are naturally wonderful and, trust me, will look better in clicks without any extra shine. Simply dry it out and comb well.
  3. Do pay a bit of attention to the nails. It looks lovely with the new polishing techniques, but you can simply wear a clean look or plain polish, after all, nothing beats the neat and fresh look.
  4. To give a boost to your lips or simply avoid chaps and cracks, use natural lip balm few days before the session;
  5. Now this hint works wonders for all breastfeeding mommies and needs to be well noted. Try to keep your diet as simple as possible 48 hours before photo shoot and avoid drinking coffee, tea or any other caffeine based beverages. It will help to keep your baby’s tummy happy. Happy tummy means happy, calm and sleepy baby. Perfect for the session;
  6. You are most welcome to bring something to munch on or taste the snacks we kept in studio for those sneaky hunger moments;
  7. All mommies to be, please note that your belly plays pretty much of a hero in many of the clicks! Avoid wearing anything tight on it before the session and leaving unwanted marks on the face of it;
  8. Instead, try choosing something to compliment the color of your baby’s dress. It might be either short or long sleeved tops, or a stylish touch of a cardigan, wrap or anything likewise. Pick up light and solid rather than heavily patterned look. This will compliment your overall style and bring softness as well as flatter.
  9. Did I mention long gowns look fantastic and elegant?! Trust me, it does! You may choose one of them from the designer collection kept just in my studio. Also, do check this Kuler-color group to get deeper uderstanding about color picking as well as site for more inspiration;
  10. In case you choose to bring in your own cloths, do give few strokes of iron and use the hanger while travelling;
  11. It is a hundred times NO to any large logos imprinted on the outfits – they will make the photos look outdated and give unnecessary distraction. Let us avoid that;
  12. One tiny little detail – the secret of a good bra! I know it is comfy to quickly use feeding bras when your baby suddenly sounds the hunger alarm, but do carry plain, preferably strapless skin color bra specifically for photo shoot. It will bring great shape to your look and enrich the flow of the gowns;
  13. Which lady does not love extra touch of accessories? And they do look great in the photos too. Simply be careful and pick up limited pieces to add splash to your look – your most valuable add on here is your baby, let us not overshadow him;
  14. Last and most important – whatever you choose to wear, make sure it makes you feel in your own skin. It should be natural, comfortable, and make you feel happy!

The perfect Papa Bear look

I might sound pretty classical here, stating that all the attention and tips went to the baby and mother and there is nothing much to advise to courageous papas. However, it would be unfair to leave you in the shadow, so here are few, but very important hints too:

  1. I know, you play a great supportive role in the family’s life and let it continue here too. First and most, simply be there and provide that needed shoulder when your wonderful baby and mother needs it;
  2. Secondly, try to get enough of sleep – it is important to be cautious and strong during the “brown or red codes” , and both, your little baby and wife will need you;
  3. Wear a clean and most important – happy look! I know, daddies are wonderful just like their babies and do not need any make-up and hair do. Simply get a great bath on the day of photo shoot, dry and comb your hair. Same advice of oil free look is going to you too;
  4. If possible, try to use fresh combination of solid color shirt and trousers. Both neatly washed and ironed. Avoid any striped pattern and try picking up formal cloths or peer of smart jeans.
  5. Avoid sneakers, rather match on solid color well polished formal shoes to compliment elegant wife’s dress;
  6. I know for the fact that most of the daddies are working during their off days too, however let us have an exception here and keep mobile phones out of the pockets and on a silent mode. This will help to shape outfits well as well as keep your baby and – most important – wife calm;
  7. Grab a quick energy bar for a snack or feel free to snack on from our assortment in the studio!
  8. Last and most important – try to follow your wife, would it be her outfit, color, opinion or mood swing;) Today she deserves it for sure and your support is the greatest drop of emotions in all of the clicks!

Welcome to the journey of clicks with Edita Photography once again. Let us make it splashing, joyful and memorable!

Three cheers to you all,


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