Sitter Photo Session

And here is your Baby in her rapid 6 to 12 months pace: sitting, smiling chitter-chatter mini person with well mastered babbling and tummy roll. And of course – superb personality with his/her increased activity, indulged instinct to explore, hence the need to move, sit, crawl, stand, reach and what is more – React!

The Sitter photo session (between 6 to 12 months) is all about that – reflection of amazing physical, mental and emotional growth.

During the given time of 1.5 to 5 hours , we will be having a lot of fun, clicking the moments of your Baby enjoying to sit, discovering his/her likes and dislikes, showcasing attachment to family members, toys, books, food and games. We will try to get the best of your little angel playing peek-a-boos, stacking some blocks, banging some puzzles, reaching out, and enjoying delightful moments of his/her laughter and claps.

To make it even more interesting, I will set a playful environment of high quality imported props – carefully picked barrels and baskets, solely designed hot air balloons, magical oversized dream-catchers, colorful mirrors and hand-made costumes, various colors and back-drops. Will also add the charm of toys, books, favorite food and activities. More-over, your baby will be big enough to head and explore beautiful garden just outside the studio!

Like always, I will pay utmost care on Baby’s safety and comfort and provide needed time to take breaks, eat and relax. Extra room just inside the studio is dedicated solely for your and baby’s comfort and is welcome to be used during the ‘brown code” moments or simple rest.

Scroll through the moments of our little champs here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is better to wait until he starts sitting, because we can catch more interesting poses and prepare variety of set ups.

The best time for photo shoot is 6 to 11 months, however every child is different and achieves milestones in his own space. As soon as he is able to sit on his own, you can book the session.

No, we will catch various clicks, however sitting would be incorporated into set ups to mark the milestone.

Do not worry, our professional photographer knows how to catch their attention and click those amazing moments at the right time.

If you choose Silver, Golden or Platinum session, you and baby’s siblings will be included into several clicks.

Bronze collection is dedicated only to the baby, hence could be chosen. If you want more photos, designer outfits, you can still choose other portfolios and exclude yourself from the session.

At least 15 min before given time to avoid late arrival charges.

Kindly follow our Tips&Hints for detailed grooming for the baby, mother and father.

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