Pre-birthday Photo Session

Your Baby is now reaching the peak of those beautiful 12 months, marking incredible growth from the tiny snoozer into independent personality.  He/She is either very proficient belly crawler or can easily creep on her knees and hands. More so-he/she might be a very good cruiser, taking his/her first baby trip round the table. What a spectacular journey in just a bit less than 12 months!

And the best way to portray it is right before the Big Cake Day – baby’s 11th month.

Pre-birthday session takes from 1.5 to 5 hours  and is ideal to provide stress free environment and personal moments for your mini stud-muffin. We all know babies of this age develop sense of insecurity and attachment to closest family people, most of the times – mommy and dad – and tend to feel stressed and uneasy surrounded by crowd.

Therefore, being conscious about Baby’s comfort in first place, I recommend clicking photos just right before the Big Day. Your Baby will enjoy playful and quiet environment of the studio (or outdoors), cozy set ups, colorful props, oversized decorations, various toys and comfort. He/She will also have plenty of time to snooze or grab so needed “milky bar” in the private room.

Adorable dresses, headbands, necklaces, cute baby ties, furniture, balloons, lollipops, wildflowers and oversized 1 will be incorporated to make it as great as the actual Birthday! Did I mention the cake? I can help you with passing the contact of wonderful baker and give it more unique go. Most important, I will pay great care and attention to your child, right from kneeling to her eyes level, to bringing the support of his/ her lovely parents and siblings.

Take a glimpse at these smashing moments here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Birthday photo session should be scheduled for his 11th month approximately.

Cake Smashing needs to be confirmed separately, but possible to incorporate. You can either bring your own cake or prebook from our baker for extra charges.

The themes have to be discussed in advance. I have variety of props and ideas to offer, however like to be more creative and use colors and items which do not overshadow the baby and main items.

No, I do not click outside events.

We do not have specific birthday outfits, however, depending on the size of the baby some of the outfits could be used from the size of 6-12 months. Please note that number of changes depends on your chosen package.  I would also recommend to plan session well in advance and order designer dress by Yulia Soloveva Collection.

You have separate room with bathroom and are welcome to use it for changing. Please bring along baby bathing products you use.

Kindly choose colors matching the baby and something which could be decorated with the cake. Few changes depending on the package can be brought. Kindly follow our Tips&Hints for exact details how to groom yourself for the session. Also please discuss your best outfits directly with photographer for the best experience.

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