Child Photo Session

What an amazing journey and blink of few years! Your child is now marching through his 2-18th years. He is big, smart, confident and tremendously creative!

Photo session of Child is now much more candid, personalized and charismatic. During the time of 1.5 to 5 hours  he is able to clearly indicate and portray himself in different ways and surroundings, give amazing “gotta-catch” poses, follow requests, showcase his style, and enjoy the photo shoot in more dynamic, yet constructed and timed way.

The most important – he explores all the time and sees magic in just about anything. All we need to do is go back to the nature and set him free. You will soon find him running through session in most natural way: playing with pebbles, jumping the skies, riding the branches, pretend hula-hooping, chasing butterflies, investigating flowers and caterpillars.

Although I receive some requests to photo-click child in his own home, I strongly recommend to do so in the studio or outside garden/Pashan lake. In this way, we have variety of props at a hand’s reach and can set possible themes (like Tea Party) or incorporate more elements here itself in order to catch natural child’s avatar.

Bounce over the moments of magic here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any time between 3 to 12 years is great to capture candid and charismatic clicks of your older child.

In our specialized kids photo studio in Pune as well as outside.

Your child is big enough to pay focus and attention as well as able to show his character and give some poses. Therefore, it is very candid, charismatic and reflective.

Yes, it is possible with prior discussion and planning, bearing in mind certain availability and limitations. For example, if Child is fine, we can rent a horse for extra charges and give a classic look to the clicks.

My style, color sense and choice of set up has its own classic romantic aura, which perfectly aligns with carefully picked environment, does not overshadow your child and brings sharp resemblance of his true charisma.

For this kind of age, it is best to bring few changes, which needs to be discussed with photographer well in advance. For unique, luxury and vintage outfits we highly recommend to contact very talented designer Yulia Soloveva

Sure, we can always discuss the details over the phone. You can also check our Tips&Hints for exact details related to hair, lips, nails, clothes et cetera.

Packages starting the Silver one, include siblings or parents only. Any other individuals can be included for extra charges.

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