2nd time parents at a maternity photoshoot

I was so glad to receive a call from Nandini and to listen her wonderful news. She was expecting her 2nd baby!!! And called me to book her maternity photo shoot. I was going to do her 2nd time parents maternity photoshoot. We met a couple of years back, her first daughter was turning ONE at that time and we had lovely photo session with her.

We had an amazing time planning and preparing for maternity photo shoot. Their daughter was so active, lovely and most importantly a happy child through the shoot. Of course she wanted to be included in each photo. When she found out that we wanted to photograph only her mom and dad in a few photos it greatly disappointed her. So, we got many photos with her 🙂 I am happy with these results.

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Photos taken during their 2nd time parents photoshoot

Maternity fabric tossing photography at specialized photo studio in Pune
A Picture taken by Edita photography during a photoshoot with their iconic flying gown
Fabric tossing in maternity photo shoot
Charming Mom in a grey flying gown
Mother to be aerial photo in light grey gown. 2nd time parents maternity photoshoot
Pregnancy photography outdoor in Pune garden
Preety mom in white sitting on grass while look down
Second time  mom to be with elder daughter. 2nd time parents maternity photoshoot
A loveable photo of A girl and her mother hugging eachother
Pregnant Mother kissing daughter who sit on father shoulders.  this is a 2nd time parents maternity photoshoot
A lovly liss with mom and daughter while the daughter is on her dad’s shoulder
Father and daughter photo during a 2nd time parents maternity photoshoot
awesome photo of dad with his daughter laughing
4 year old girl photo indian
Black and white mom and daughter photo
mom and her kid having a close up conversation ending with then both smiling
Black and white father and daughter photo
dad and daughter laughing to something said before the photo was taken
Happy smiling mother and daugher maternity photo shoot
beautiful mom and daughter picture
4 year old indian girl photo shoot
an enchanting photo of a kid in a white dress.
2nd time parents to be with elder daughter backlit photo
beautiful parents having their 2nd time maternity photoshoot
Elder daughter - big sister with her pregnant mom belly
Little kid with her little adorable smile beside her pregnent moms belly
Maternity photo shoot wit big sister. 2nd time parents maternity photoshoot
Best maternity photographer in Pune. 2nd time parents maternity photoshoot
Maternity couple posing photo shoot
beautiful photo taken by Edita photography
Garden maternity couple posing photography
maternity photo with wife resting her head on her husband’s shoulder
Pregnancy photoshoot with big sister during a 2nd time parents maternity photoshoot
pregnant mom with her cute little kid during their photoshoot
Maternity photo shoot garden posing in pune
2nd time parents posing for a photo

Maternity gowns used in photo shoot – Yulia Soloveva Collection

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Well Edita its been a complete pleasure getting clicked by you. You are the best that there is in your field. You have given me precious memories framed in your pictures.
And for all of you parents, you definitely want to get clicked by Edita. Her pictures are literally perfect and the process with her is so much fun. She loves her work which shows in her detailing, patience n enthusiasm through the entire process. I have gotten 3 shoots from her already n can’t get enough of her.
Thank you Edita.
A definite recommendation to all parents and parents to be.

Dear Nandini,

Thank you for such a heart warming comment 😊it was my happiness to have such wonderful family clicked: once people are nice, photos tell their story naturally🤗looking forward to seeing you soon and wishing every possible drop of happiness to all of you.


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