Simple Indian traditional maternity photos

Below are some Indian traditional maternity photos that I have taken. Nowadays clients are not much into traditional attire. I believe that one shall dress in at least one traditional outfit to one’s maternity photo shoot. Wearing them gives a different and unique vibe. But most don’t wear them to photoshoots instead they come dressed in western clothes. So the fact that I was able to get some traditional photos makes me very happy. I posted both colored and black and white portraits. The expecting parents were very proud of their Indian culture and they decided to wear it to the photoshoot. I hope more and more expecting parents will choose to wear traditional clothes to their photoshoots.

Indian traditional photos in colors

Indian traditional maternity photos in Pune

A family picture of an expecting couple wearing black Indian traditional cloths. Both of them look stunning. The female is wearing a kathakali style outfit. While the male is wearing similar clothing style – Kurta.

Indian traditional pregnancy photo shoot

This is a solo picture of a woman wearing Indian traditional maternity clothes. She is also in a famous kathak step.

Indian pregnant woman photoshoot in traditional wear

She is also wearing Ghurgru on the legs. This adds sound effects while dancing. She makes this pose look super easy.

traditional maternity photo shoot

Sure does she look like Mrs India Mumbai 2018. She look even more festive with the flowers in her hair.

Indian couple maternity photo in traditional wear

Love is in the air! They are such a lovely couple.

Maternity photoshoot in indian traditional saree

Maternity photoshoot in indian traditional saree

Pregnancy photo in green and golden saree

Expecting couple photo in indian traditional attire

Pregnant woman in saree

Couple expecting their second baby photo in indian traditional outfits

photos in black and white

I personally believe that black and white pictures add a more artistic feeling to the photos.

expecting mother in Indian conventional wear

Super elegant pose. Her being very flexible makes it even more beautiful.

expecting couple in Indian customary cloths

This is a classic pose and is used in almost all of my maternity photo shoots. But look new and different every time.

traditional worn by a pregnant woman and her husband

This is my favorite photo from them all.

The expressions are everything, love them!!

More information about maternity photo sessions here.

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