Maternity gowns available at our photo studio

We are proud to display our elegant and unique maternity photo shoot gowns collection to further embrace the beauty of each pregnancy and all beautiful moms to be. Moreover a ton of thanks to the pearl behind it-exceptionally gifted designer Yulia Soloveva. Who puts her soul to each maternity and baby outfit. She also crafts amazingly detailed pieces for our pregnancy and baby photo shoots.

All the maternity gowns available at our studio

White maternity pregnancy gown dress for photo shoot at Edita photography studio in Pune
White lace dress with long skirt, M-XL sizes
White elegant pregnancy dress for photography in Pune
Dreamy and incredibly feminine tulle maternity photo shoot dress, S-L sizes
White maternity outfit for photoshoot in Pune
Off White maternity photoshoot gown with long sleeves, L-XL sizes
Long off white gown with long sleeves by Yulia Soloveva Collection
Long off white gown also with long sleeves, M-XL sizes
Maternity outfit by Yulia Soloveva Collection
Off White long maternity photoshoot gown, M-L sizes
White gown for pregnancy photoshoot by Yulia Soloveva collection
White blouse and skirt, S-M sizes

For more gorgeous photos from this photo session have a look at our blog post.

White maternity photo shoot gown for photography in Pune
A white maternity gown, L-XXL sizes
Grey lace maternity photo shoot gown by Yulia Soloveva Collection
Grey lace flying gown, M-L sizes
Grey pregnancy gown for photoshoot by Yulia Soloveva Collection
Light grey long maternity gown, M-L sizes
Peach pregnancy gown for photo shoot by Yulia Soloveva Collection
Peach gown from net, S size
Peach maternity gown for maternity phoo shoot in Pune by Yulia Soloveva Collection
A maternity photoshoot gown also in the color peach, S-M sizes
Dusty pink tulle long dress for maternity photo shoot in Edita photography studio in Pune
Dusty pink tulle gown, M-XXXL sizes
Peach maternity gown for photo shoot at Edita  photo studio
Peach maternity gown, M-L sizes
Beige maternity outfit for pregnancy photo shoot in Pune by Yulia Soloveva Collection
Beige maternity photo shoot gown, S-M sizes
Pink maternity gown for pregnancy photoshoot in Pune
Pink and purple maternity gown, S-XXL sizes
Pink pregnant women gown for photo shoot in Pune
A pink gown with long sleeves, M-L size
Turquoise pregnancy outfit for photography in Pune by Yulia Soloveva Collection
Turquoise maternity gown, M-L sizes
Deep purple maternity dress for shoot in Pune by Yulia Soloveva Collection
Purple maternity gown, M-L sizes
Red long tulle dress gown for maternity photo shoots in Pune by Edita photography
Red tulle maternity gown (dress), S-L sizes
Red maternity gow for photoshoot in Pune by Edita photography
A red maternity gown, M-L sizes
Red flying maternity gown for photography in Pune
Red flying maternity gown, M-XL sizes
Maroon velvet pregnancy gown for photography in Pune
Maroon velvet gown, M-XL sizes
Green maternity gown for photo shoot at Edita photo studio in Pune
A green gown, M-L sizes
Black maternity gown for photo shoot at Edita photo studio in Pune
Black maternity outfit, S-M sizes
Black pregnancy outfit for photoshoot by Edita
A black maternity outfit, XL-XXL sizes
Black dress for maternity photography
Last but not least a black stretchable maternity dress, L size

More information about the gowns

Maternity photoshoot dresses sizes
  • Firstly the maternity gowns are not padded.
  • Secondly for off-shoulder maternity gowns it is required to carry a strapless bra. For example – Triumph.
  • Thirdly we suggest to wear undergarments matching with the gown color.

We highly recommend to explore her rental collections (designer outfits rent cost extra) to further indulge the charm of your pregnancy and little joys!

Apart from these beautiful gowns, we also create fine art fabric tossing photos at our photo studio.

Are you interested in wearing Indian traditional attire during your maternity photo shoot? I would love to create some fabulous photos! Here you can find a few lovely portraits as an example.

Lastly for more information about maternity photoshoot click here.

Similarly for newborn photoshoots you can click here.

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Neha Dadasaheb Jagtap

I’m looking for the rental gowns for my maternity photo shoot. Kindly share your details if you deal with this kind of requirement.

Hey Neha,

These gowns are available for “Edita photography” photo sessions. For maternity dresses rent kindly contact Yulia Soloveva Collection.

With warm wishes,

Need dress on rent for maternity photo shoot on 10 jan21

Hey Ganga,
Please contact Yulia Soloveva collection for the gowns rent.

Looking for bump photoshoot In Hyderabad, do u guys do in Hyderabad

As of now we only do photoshoots in pune.

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