Lifestyle newborn photoshoots

Lifestyle newborn photoshoots are entirely contactless. It is the ideal option during these covid-19 times.

Mom sitting on bed and holding newborn baby girl backlit photo

We have a beautifully designed room with amazing natural light at our studio. The photos have an appearance of you being at your own home in your own bedroom.

Lifestyle newborn photoshoots. Newborn baby's girl in moms hands backlit pic

Newborn babies love being held in parents’ arms.

Mother and baby on bed, contactless covid-19 lifestyle newborn photoshoots in Pune

Playing with the newborn baby on the bed and it looks so natural and real.

Lifestyle Newborn photoshoots - baby girl beautiful expressions

We can capture these priceless newborn baby expressions, like: yawning, wondering or even crying.

Black and white backlit mom and baby photo by Edita

Lifestyle newborn photoshoots in black and white make these photos look timeless.

Balck and white backlit baby's in mother hands photo
Black and white mom and baby on bed photo contactless covid-19 photography in Pune
Black and white newborn baby's expressions

We ventilate our studio periodically and sanitize it before and after each shoot. My assistant and I always wear masks and wash hands regularly for 20 seconds. For more information, please refer to: Covid-19 health and safety protocol.

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