An Outstanding fitness photo shoot that you’ll love

We are happy to announce that we are starting fitness photo shoots in Pune in collaboration with Adiaesthetics.

I started my transformation journey with fitness coach Aditya Nikam more than a year ago and it tremendously changed my life quality. He is very skilled, knowledgeable and one of the best coaches in India. I got so involved into fitness that I started seeing the beauty in people with muscles. We had an idea that was to collaborate for fitness photography. Aditya is a fitness model too. We are providing a full package that includes training, modeling, pre-shoot diet and the fitness photo shoot in Pune.

This was our first shoot, however it was not a full package. Yet, we had amazing team work. While Aditya directed the fitness photo shoot very professionally, I used my artistic skills and my photographic knowledge to capture these monumental moments! Our model Amit went through an amazing transformation in half a year. His power and energy during the shoot was outstanding and was really motivating.

Fitness photo shoot in Pune
Bodybuilder photo shoot in India
Transformation photography in Pune
Fitness photography in India
fitness motivation photo in Pune
fitness modeling in Pune
Indian male fitness model
fitness photographer in Pune with lifestyle coach Adiaesthetics
Transformation photo shoot with fitness coach Aditya Nikam
Gym bodybuilder photography directed by coach Adiaesthetics
Posing and direction for shoot by best trainer in Pune Adiaesthetics
Fitness photographer in Pune in collaboration with trainer Aditya Nikam
Fitness photo shoot by Edita photography in collaboration with Adiaesthetics
body building photography by Edita Paluri and fitness coach Adiaesthetics
Gym photo shoot in Pune
Post fitness photo shoot Edita Paluri and Aditya Nikam selfie with model Amit

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