Happy Mother’s day!

A very happy and memorable day to all dear mothers! You are all the source of endless love, energy, support and inspiration. Treasure, respect and nurture Yourself today and always, for you are the most wonderful jewel, solace, devoted doctor and wisest guru! Love and warmest wishes to you all, thank you for being!

Here are some of the beautiful mothers with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working over the past year.
Each one of them shines with youth, love and devotion to their babies and children. Mothers are an irreplaceable part of a child’s life and we should all take the time to celebrate them.

Mummy and her daughter in pink outfits on brown background
Maternity photographer - mom to be in pink purple gown with closed eyes
Mother in luxurious peach long gown holding newborn baby girl in Pune
Mother with newborn and 3 year old daughters lovely photo in Pune
Aerial mom in white gown and newborn baby girl photography
Indian mother in white sari is holding her newborn son in Pune
Maternity photo shoot, mother with her 4 year old daughter
Baby in mother's arms
Maternity photography - mom to be in black gown and black hat sitting on chair
Pregnant Mom in black gown with her daughter
Newborn photographer is Pune photo studio
Backlit mother kissing her newborn son photography in Pune
Cute baby girl and her mother photo in Pune
Pregnant mother in green outfit is holding her 3 year old son on her belly
Mother in grey transformer outfit is holding baby girl
Pregnancy photography - mom to be in maroon transformer gown
Mother in red outfit kissing newborn baby girl, backlit photo in Pune
Backlit mother and baby photo
Mummy and her newborn baby girl neutral grey
Fine art classic mother and newborn girl photo in Pune, black and white
Mother is about to kiss her newborn daughter with wide opened eyes
Aerial mother and newborn baby photography in Pune
Lovely mom and newborn boy photo on black background
Indian mother and her 2 children photo
Creative fine art black and white mother and baby boy photo in Pune by Edita photography
Mom is kissing her newborn daughter, back light photo
Mother and 1 year old baby fine art photo
Mother and son photo in Pune studio
Mother and daughter in white matching outfits
Mother with her 10 months old baby girl
Mom with her 1 year old baby in garden in Pune
Mom and daughter crawling together and having fun at studio
Mom with her 1 year old son at photo studio in Pune
Mother with her 2 cute daughters sitting on the rock in the garden in Pune
Pregnant mom to be i grey gown lying down at studio
Mother with her 2 sons
Aerial maternity photo in white gown on pink purple and yellow background
Maternity photography in Pune garden
Maternity photoin pink purple gown with flowers around
Baby with mother and grandmother
Mom and baby girl duo
Mother and daughter in matching outfits playing in garden in Pune
Pregnant woman in green outfit sitting and looking at her belly
Mother and her cute daughter
Mother with her 2 children
Mom with baby girl who is turning one
Aerial maternity photo in red gown
Mother with baby boy
Mother and 1 year old baby boy
Gorgeous mother with her newborn baby girl
Mother in beautiful gown with her baby boy
Mother and baby photo
Pregnant woman in yellow gown siting and looking at her belly in Pune
Mom an her baby boy

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