13 days newborn baby girl professional photoshoot in Pune

Baby newborn girl in blue
Newborn baby posing on bean bag clicked from top
Bean bag newborn posing on tummy
Indian 13 days newborn girl in grey posing on beanbag back pose
Baby girl with grey vintage hat
Mom is holding newborn baby
Parents and newborn posing
Dramatic light newborn baby photo in black and white
Newborn girl in father hands black and white photo
Father is kissing baby girl
Newborn baby in bucket
Newborn in pink bucket holding heart in her hands
Aerial mother and newborn girl photography in Pune
Aerial mom and newborn girl photo
mom and baby photo
newborn baby in small bed in beige
Smiling newborn baby
Vintage style 13 days newborn girl  tiny bed setup in beige
Newborn and family photo
Newborn baby photo with family
Dad is holding newborn baby
Dad is holding 13 days newborn girl
13 days newborn girl
Newborn baby girl curled in dads hands

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