Beautiful newborn photography at just 10 days

10 days indian newborn baby girl in purple setup in bamboo basket
Baby girl in purple
Newborn on side pose holding cute kitten
Newborn bum up pose with white wrap on grey background
Mother and newborn photo
10 dyasNewborn girl in grey wool
Backlit family photo with newborn
Newborn girl 10 days close up photo
newborn baby on swings black and white
Newborn wraped in grey wrap and with grey hat
Newborn girl in blue and brown setup posed in basket
Potato sack newborn posing
Newborn girl on swings

Bamboo basket: Madras Prop Store

Headbands: Soulfulsaai

Hand-painted backgrounds: Prop-o-prop by Pranjul

Round basket and kitten: Timeless Creazion

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