Terms and conditions

By making the booking for one or more photo sessions with Edita Photography, you accept the terms and conditions listed below.


1.1. Since I strictly work on the rule of one dedicated day for one photo shoot, all sessions must be booked at least 1-2 months in advance to help me accommodate most of the requests for available Monday to Friday slots.

1.2. A slight exception applies to your newborn baby due to uncertainty of his/her arrival date. In this case advance booking of 1-2 months should be made giving approximate due dates of 7-10 days intervals and agreeing to inform me as soon as the baby is born.

1.3 I will be able to accept and confirm your booking only after receiving initial confirmation amounts stated in the PAYMENT (2.3) and will not be able to assist you in case payment was not made.

1.4. It is also essential and is mutually agreed you would strictly observe given procedure (TIPS and HINTS) as well as schedule and arrive to the studio sharply on time.

1.5. The number of accompanying people has to be limited to the baby, mother, father, siblings (if they participate in the session) and one non inclusive extra person for baby-sitting support. We both understand that baby and mother get tired during the session, therefore, you need to book separate photo shoot in case of any other member willing to be part of the clicks.

1.6. Once we reach the agreement about the booking date and pricing, you need to follow up the payment as per agreed quotation and settle final amount before photo session. In case of any unexpected changes, you must inform me by verbal or written form at least 48 hours prior photo shoot to avoid late cancelation/rescheduling charges (see paragraphs 3.1, 3.2., 3.3).

1.7. Booking the session with me is also a mutual agreement that copyright of all photographs is owned by my studio Edita Photography which receives all the permission to use any image of your photo session for any general marketing and advertising purposes for Edita Photography.

1.8. All the bookings are confirmed for indoor photo sessions in my personal studio, located in Bavdhan, Pune. Your wish to add any other location must be discussed well in advance and agreed on additional charges based on the distance radius.


2.1. I seek and assure to the best of my knowledge and estimation to provide the correct quotes at the time of booking, which is subject to future change due to external factors. The prices given are fixed and non-negotiable as they already are a very careful estimation of required time to prepare, execute and deliver photo shoot, which includes various bookings of props, arrangement of set ups, handling the queries, clicking the photos, editing selected ones and providing final print outs. I assure that each of the service is carefully valued and well included into the price given.

2.2. Understanding the same, it is important for you to accept to be charged in case of any modification or extra work that falls outside of the remit of our agreed session. This shall be discussed and agreed well in advance before work may go ahead.

2.3. Bearing in mind the above mentioned, you accept the agreed quotation and need to confirm your booking by paying the retainer fee of 10 000 INR, which is non refundable  within 24 hours after discussion. The remaining balance needs to be settled prior the date of your photo shoot, but not later than the actual day of the session, unless agreed otherwise.

If, however, you do not settle the final payable balance within agreed time, I reserve the right to cancel your session, delay the work, pause delivery of products and charge any occurred surcharges (see paragraph 3.1, 3.2, 3.3).


3.1. Like mentioned before, all the bookings are indoors inside my personal studio. Should you be willing to use any other venue within Pune, you would be charged additional 10 000 INR to your final payment. Photo shoots outside Pune are possible only after acceptance of customized agreements and quotation.

3.2. Like stated earlier, I accept bookings for Monday to Friday and keep my studio closed on Saturdays and Sundays. In the rare case of emergency I might consider scheduling photo session on Saturday (based on my availability), where final bill would be stamped with 5 000 INR extra.

3.3. I love punctuality which is essential in my timely delivery of the services. In case of delayed arrival for your photo session, you must understand and accept that session time will be shorter based on your arrival, and therefore number of set ups, poses and other details will decrease too. In case you wish to extend photo session, I will have to charge additional 10% of the session package per every additional hour which has to be non arguable and accepted. The same applies should you simply wish to have a longer session and more clicks.


4.1. In case of late or final cancelation/rescheduling, Client also agrees to pay:

a) 5000 INR extra on His final payable amount if cancelled or rescheduled less than 24 hours prior photo-shoot.

b) 10000 INR extra on His final payable amount if cancelled or rescheduled on the day of photo session

4.2. In case of multiple session bookings, the entire booking can be cancelled one month prior photo shoot free of charge. Any later cancelation will be charged as stated above.


5.1. DELIVERY: I endeavor to carry out the listed services to a high and expected professional standard and seek to my best possible to provide high-resolution images via a download link to you within 5-6 weeks of the final selection date. Delivery for prints, albums or any other additional orders will be delivered within 2-3 weeks of the design confirmation date, unless agreed otherwise. I don’t share any RAW/unedited images.

5.2. COMPENSATION: although I work hard to deliver products on time, should there be any unforeseen delay Client shall be provided 200 INR discount for every delayed day. In case of any unforeseen circumstances causing loss of photographic record, I will take responsibility to refund the amount paid only, however will try to put all the best efforts for photo re-take.

5.3. STORAGE: I tend to store your photos up to 12 months from the day of photo shoot, but cannot be legally responsible to do so and reserve the right to remove it earlier due to shortage of space or other technical issues in my computer.

5.4. COPY RIGHTS: like stated earlier, it is mutually agreed that all the rights of your photographs and other services provided are reserved by my studio Edita Photography only. Since Client is being given high resolution photos, He is allowed to use it only for personal use. In no case, should anyone edit, copy, modify or reproduce it by any means or by any person or machine for commercial use.

5.6. RECORDING OF THE SESSION: due to understandable personal and privacy reasons, it is strictly forbidden to take photos, make videos or any other form of recording during the photo session whatsoever.

5.6. DAMAGING THE PROPERTY: it is mutually understood and agreed that studio requires careful maintenance, including every single piece inside it, therefore, you agree not to damage it by putting heavy luggage or food on the sofas, props, backdrops and other places, drawing on the walls or anywhere else, tearing the gowns or breaking any other equipment, et cetera. Any incurred damaged must be accepted and will be charged accordingly based on the damage done.

5.6.1. Food or beverage items, apart of that for the baby, are strictly prohibited and are not allowed inside the studio. You agree not to carry and order any of it during the session. It is for our both convenience to avoid any damage and unexpected surcharges due to spills, drops and hand marks. Baby can be fed in the designated room and only baby food can be carried along.

5.7. MISC: Whilst all reasonable efforts will be made to carry out the required services, Edita Photography reserves the right to alter or cancel some or all work at short notice in the case of reasons beyond control.

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