13 days baby boy photo shoot

It’s a really good time for a newborn baby photo shoot!

It is really interesting to work in India. I can meet so many different people with  so many different cultures and customs. Some families prefer not to come to studio till the baby turns 45 days while others are ready to come for newborn photo sessions at only 13 days .  It’s wonderful, because the first 2 weeks are the best time for a newborn baby photo shoot. I have lots of beautiful outfits and props which they outgrow in a month, because they change so fast during the first days.

This handsome baby boy was so sleepy and happy throughout the photo shoot. My favorite setup was a weaved basket and brown shades, it has a  classic look to it.

baby photo shoot Pune
Backlit pictures are my favorite ones

handsome newborn boy sleeping newborn baby boy

His mom wanted to have a picture with a brown teddy bear. At that moment I  only had pink and blue ones. She was so enthusiastic about it that she was willing to visit several shops to get what she wanted. However, her tiny son was not very interested in this teddy bear.  I am sure he will play with it later and the pictures we click will awaken his memories once hes grown up.

newborn with teddy bear picture baby boy with teddy bear picture

It’s a challenge and pleasure to shoot newborns with siblings!

I really love families with bigger siblings, however it’s quite challenging. In this newborn baby photo shoot, the big sister is so beautiful and loving. She just wanted to kiss her little brother all the time.  Photo shoot took a little longer, but they will have sweet memories which they will cherish forever.

siblings - big sister and newborn brother beautiful big sister and handsome newborn brother

And of course – taking a good picture of a family with 2 kids, one of which is a newborn baby is really quite a task! While many times we have to take care of the baby to make him happy, other times the baby is very cooperative and all  the energy goes to the for elder one. In any case,  its most important to have a picture that makes the family happy!

Family of 4 - newborn photo shoot in Pune FAmily picture with newborn baby dad and newborn son - backlit picture Beautiful mother and her newborn son

Towards the end of the photo shoot, baby boy was wide awake. He was wondering what was going on while he was sleeping.

wide awake newborn baby boy

And later he was off to feed,  we took this time to click a few pictures of his beautiful big sister.

4 year old beautiful girl in black floral dress Beautiful 4 year girl in flower ring

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