10th pre-birthday photo shoot

It has became a tradition to perform a pre-birthday photo shoot for my daughter.  10 years have gone in a blink of an eye… Today our girl is celebrating her 10th birthday.

Girls picture in white dress

Almost half a year ago, we started thinking what kind of dress she would like to wear, which color and style…. But only 2 months ago we reached a decision. We decided to go for a white vintage style dress. I requested a good friend of mine, a highly talented designer Yulia Soloveva, to stitch the dress for us. She understands my ideas from just a few words and the outcome always exceeds my expectations.

Girl sitting with white umbrella

We used a head piece which was made by Soulfulsaai some time back. She is  on the very top of my list for making props for pre-birthday photo shoot. Love her work so much!

Girls in white dress portrait beside a tree Girl in white dress with white tiara

Once the dress was ordered, we also asked Pranjul, who makes some props for my studio, to make a tiara for her. I love to work with her, as she also exceeds my expectations every time.

Girl in white is walking in the forest

I had totally forgotten about the shoes. So, we would up running to the shops and get them just a day prior to the planned pre-birthday photo shoot…

dreaming girl looking down

I had one location in my mind, but unfortunately we didn’t get a permission to do pre-birthday photo shoot there and we weren’t aware of that prior the shoot. We were there a few days before and on that day no one objected to our photography. With our plans taking a setback, we had to improvise and it proved to be quite fun. I think the outcome was really good and we loved the pictures. She selected 30+ pictures for editing, but being a busy mom, I could only finish a few of them before her birthday. The remaining I shall do before she turns 11 🙂

Girl in white dress beside huge banyan tree in India

She got so much of attention from the passerbys, a few women even wanted to click a picture with her.

Since I didn’t have my wide angle lens with me, I was clicking only her portraits. I was glad to see a tourist Heiner who was clicking pictures there. I asked him to share a couple of pictures with me and was surprised to get an email within only 2 days. So, I can now show you how big that tree was.

Girl in white dress beside banyan tree
Picture by Heiner

Girl in white dress in auto riksha in India

The biggest difference that I could see between the 9th and 10th pre-birthday photo shoots – our daughter became more mature, she learned to pose more naturally, her expressions are much better. She is also very excited about the pictures and wants to share them with her friends now.

Girl rapunzel with long dress dreaming

For today I can share a few pictures, but will add more in the near future!

You can also check her 9th pre-birthday photo shoot here.

Although I like color pictures, I really loved black and white ones!

Update – we loved this our girl picture from her birthday party.

Girl photo Pune