2 weeks handsome baby pictures

Meet this handsome boy – he was amazing model!

Newborn portfolio Pune Newborn portfolio Pune Newborn indian baby in basket surrounded with peacock feathers baby boy cozy sleeping in basket baby boy 14 days sleeping in basket Newborn baby tiny feet picture

2 weeks newborn boy in yellow wrap sleeping in small bed with net on top Indian baby boy in yellow wrap Handsome indian newborn boy Baby photo shoot on small bedNewborn lips - macro photo Baby boy close up photo tiny newborn feetmacro picture - newborn handHandsome newborn boy with purple flowers Mother and newborn babymother kissing her babyFather and newborn sonBacklit father and baby nose to nose photo14 days newborn boy indian in PuneBeautiful family with newborn pictureParents holding newborn silhouette baby boy in basket photo in Punenewborn portfolio India indian newborn boy in green basket Awake 2 weeks indian newborn in basket, Pune

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