11 days newborn baby girl photo shoot

11 days newborn baby girl

Baby’s mom came to visit me just couple of days before her delivery day. She was so energetic and happy mom of one daughter. And so excited about her second baby photo shoot . Very fast we made a plan for newborn photo shoot.

They came to photo shoot with their gorgeous newborn girl and beautiful big sister who was 4 year old.

Parents favorite colors were yellow and brown, so we started with them.

Beautiful newborn baby girl in yellow wrap

Always backlit pictures show baby’s features differently!

Gorgeous baby girl in yellow wrap backlit photo

Newborn girl and her big sister

They were so excited about their siblings pictures. Their elder daughter was one of the most behaved elder sisters I ever saw. She shown so much love to her small sister. She was hugging and kissing her and newborn sister was smiling. I would imagine that they will be very close friends once they grow up.

2 gorgeous sisters, 4 year old and newborn, photo

Big sister is holding newborn on bed

Big sister is kissing newborn sister

Elder sister is looking at newborn sister

We, of course,  didn’t miss family pictures also.

Family picture of 4, newborn girl

Gorgeous mommy and her beautiful daughters picture.Mother with daughters photo

Loving father and his pretty daughters picture.

Father with daughters picture

Backlit silouthe picture is the most favorite one in each newborn photo shoot. So, we couldn’t miss it.

Backlit silhouette parents with newborn photo

For a variety we did the picture on the swings. However, the swings picture I clicked one day prior the shoot to make it absolutely safe for newborn baby. Baby was comfortable and safe sleeping on bean bag. I clicked her picture and added the swings using Photoshop.

Newborn baby girl on swings picture

Some more green and colorful hat…

newborn girl with colorful hat sleeping

Black and white pictures are my favorite ones…

NEwborn sleeping on side photo

Daddy’s kiss…

Father is kissing newborn daughter photo

Father is holding newborn girl in his hands
Mommy’s kiss…
Mother is kissing newborn, baclit photo