Mayuri & Girish maternity photo shoot in Pune

Beautiful parents to be

It was such an amazing feeling to have this beautiful couple to come all the way from Baramati to freeze their parenthood start! In spite of making it so far to Pune, they showed no drop of fatique or irritation and brought lively, warm and hearty emotions into the studio and clicks! Girish and Mayuri, a ton of thanks for choosing us and hearty congratulations with your newly born bundle of joy🤗😍🤗

Fine art fabric tossing maternity photos in Pune
Mom to be in peach gown against brown textured canvas background in Pune studio
Pregnant woman in peach outfit sitting on high chair in maternity photo shoot Pune
Gorgeous mom to be in white outfit sitting and holding belly photography in Pune
Maternity photo shoot in Pune - couple standing pose
Couple walking in garden maternity photography in Pune
Couple expecting baby standing under the tree in garden pune
Aerial maternity in green gown photo in Pune
Couple aerial maternity photo in Pune
Pregnancy photoshoot in red stretched fabric
Pregnant woman's belly with hand on it close up photo

Please check this beautiful couple video.

Maternity gowns Yulia Soloveva collection

Background Prop-o-Prop by Pranjul

Make-up and hair Makeup Artistry by Anisha

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