Pre-birthday photo shoot – one of most memorable gift for your child!

Every child eagerly awaits for their birthdays to come. They need something really exciting to make the wait worthwhile. There are many ideas for birthday gifts, but one of the most memorable gifts is pre-birthday photo session. It is an exciting experience for both the child and the parents.

I would love to share a few pictures from my daughter’s 9th birthday photo shoot in a gorgeous princess dress.

Children photographer in Pune

Her beautiful dress was designed by the talented designer Yulia Soloveva. The vision was – A girl in a beautiful gown having a good time in the forest. So we went to a nearby lake before sunset to catch some amazing sunlight for gorgeous back-lit pictures.

Children photographer in Pune

Children photographer in Pune

The planning of a child’s photo shoot should start at least 2–3 months prior. It’s advisable to get unique clothes / dresses which could be worn during the party. Choosing an appropriate location and time is very important. The photographer would take care of these arrangements and could also provide advice about clothing.

Children photographer in Pune

We can incorporate some props which are related to child achievements within a year or some favourite toys, games, hobbies, ect. If a child loves spending time with a best friend or their grandparents, it might be a good idea to bring them along for the session. This would make it more enjoyable for the child.

Kids photography

She was feeling like a princess and all the people around were looking at her with smiles 🙂 We had 1 hour of fun in the park and my husband had an opportunity to be my assistant. Being a mom and a photographer I couldn’t click any family pictures. But we did it a little later – in her party 🙂

Girl's picture

Kids photography in Pune

Kids photographer in Pune

Kids photographer in Pune

She has long and beautiful hair and I styled them into curls in my grandmother’s style. I made rolls from a newspaper and rolled her hair on them. I then tied them up with cotton ribbons.

Now she has an enormous size collage of 4 of her favourite pictures hanging on the wall in her room and she loves it so much. This is really priceless! While other pictures are there in a wooden folio box on her table with easel, so she can change this picture on easel whenever she wants.

Kids photography Pune

Currently we are already planning her 10th birthday photo session and once again we are all so excited!

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